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My gorgeous, talented and intelligent sister is turning 45 years young in August and I am so excited to be putting together this special registry to help her have the vacation of a lifetime. Tina has been an amazing sister and the best Aunt for my daughter. She has been wanting to take this trip to St. Thomas for years now and she is finally going to be able to go on her birthday!

Tina will be flying from San Diego to Miami and then from there heading out to St. Thomas. I hope to get everything setup to where she can snorkel, take sunset cruises, eat really well and find some time to just sit on the sandy beach and relax with a cocktail (or two)...but she doesn't really like to "fly and flop"...she'll want experience everything she can out there and just have as much fun as she can! This is where the registry will help her have an amazing time without any worries!

I want to thank all my friends and family for visiting the registry I made for Tina. We talked about all the things she wants to do and we've listed them all, and there are some extra things such as "airfare" and "trip contributions" to help with the overall trip. Thanks everyone for visiting the registry - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA!