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Registrant's FAQ

Registrant's Frequently Asked Questions

What does this celebration gift registry provide?

When only the best for your celebration will do, this celebration registry provides a full service registry which allows you to register your entire trip or destination celebration online. With no cost to set up, you receive a personal website, announcement cards, a blog and more! You can even post unlimited photos on your photo album and your friends and family can print them out for free!

We are not an IOU or wish list and cater more to celebration registrants that feel service is important for them, their family and friends. If you feel your guests may want assistance or might want to use a credit card online, we will take care of your gifts and deliver them straight to your account. Through the celebration registry, your guests can give you portions of your trip or destination celebration as a gift!
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Why should we use this celebration registry?

Using the celebration registry allows you to receive money as gifts from friends and family to apply directly to your trip or celebration. Using a registry is much more personal than asking your guests outright for cash! You can register, get the word out early and have gift money come in to help with the initial costs of the trip.
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Is the celebration registry or celebration personal website hard to set up?

Your celebration gift registry is so easy to set up and only takes about 15 minutes! From destinations all around the world you can pick the items you want or add anything we don't have to your celebration registry with our "create your own wizard" (not available on all registries) with a choice over 400 photos. No cookie cutter celebration registry lists or cartoons here! Each one is completely personalized by you and shows everything you want to do on your trip or destination celebration with stunning photos for each item.

Download and Print a "Step by Step" guide to managing your registry and celebration website.
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What does a celebration registry look like on this registry?

They are stunning! We pride ourselves on having beautiful pictures and detailed descriptions for every item on the celebration registry. Your guests deserve to see what they are buying you and this makes the experience for them even more personal! You can view samples by clicking on the trip destinations under "Sample Registries".
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How will I know how much to ask for?

When you set up your celebration registry, we give you a suggested gift amount for each tour or activity per person in that area. However, you are free to ask for whatever you would like. We recommend using varied denominations to accommodate all guests and checking with your travel professional or supplier for exact pricing. All prices vary by location, availability, and are subject to change without notice. You can break down the amounts any way you choose. For example, if an item is going to cost you $200.00, you may ask for "2 gifts of $100.00" or "4 gifts of $50.00," etc.
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Does the celebration registry help with the trip travel or destination celebration arrangements?

We do not book travel directly, although we encourage you to work closely with one of our travel professionals who can help design the trip that is uniquely yours. Many include special VIP amenities and benefits available only when you book with one of our travel professionals. These added touches can make all the difference in your trip experience!
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What if some of my celebration guests aren't that computer friendly?

No problem! Our customer service representatives are always happy to help and will take orders for your celebration registry over the phone. It is part of the outstanding customer service that we offer and part of what makes us the premier celebration registry. Our toll free phone number is found on every page of the celebration registry site 1-877-699-5884.
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How much does it cost to use the celebration registry and celebration personal website?

We charge a small service & handling fee to maintain a professional full service registry for you, your friends and family. This service & handling fee provides an ad free registry experience, wedding website and social networking tools with the highest level of security, encryption and insurance. Our team is here to answer calls toll free, process checks and credit card transactions of your guests.

You may choose whether you'd like the service & handling fee to be added or deducted from each gift amount. Adding it to the transaction means that the purchaser will be charged a 10% service & handling fee at check-out. Deducting the service & handling fee will have the gift amount transfer at 7% less than the listed amount to you, with the gift purchaser paying a reduced service fee of 2.65%. If the fee is added to the gift, purchasers can receive a 2.65% discount if they choose to mail a check directly bringing the total service fee to 7%.

Guests from around the world can make a contribution towards your honeymoon with ease which means no shipping or carrying gifts with them to your wedding destination. Please feel free to call us with any questions.
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How will I know which items are directly shipped or sent to my hotel/resort/cruise line for me?

All items that are shipped directly to you or to your supplier have a full explanation listed under "Notes to Registrant". As you are building your registry, please read notes specific to that item as you create your list. For more details on the terms of the item, please see the terms and conditions section or "Important Details on Your Registry Account".
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How do we notify our guests about our celebration registry and celebration personal website?

We provide downloadable announcements for you, at no charge, to let your friends and family know about your trip/ celebration registry and celebration personal website. (Find under the link "Inform your Guests") We can send out an email announcing your registry to your selected email list. Make sure your family knows how special this is to you; ask them if they would suggest the celebration registry when guests ask what to get you. Get everyone involved and remember that your guests really want to get you something you truly want and will remember forever.

The celebration personal website we give you is a great way for everyone to keep up to date on all the details about your celebration and lets them feel like they are a part of your special trip/celebration. Don't forget you can upload unlimited photos on your photos album and share with friends and family to print out.

One of our newest features is our share tool which allows you to post your celebration registry and celebration personal website on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media!
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What if I don't want to use the whole celebration personal website but I want to put up my photo and a special message on the top of my registry?

To post a message and photo on the top of your registry, log in and go to "Your Registry", choose the option "Create/Edit Special Message". Use the "Special Message" section and upload up to three photos.
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How am I notified of a purchase from my celebration gift registry?

You receive an email notice to view your "Gift Announcement" that is filled out by the gift giver. Your guests can also choose to print out this customized gift announcement with a personal message and a photo of what they selected on your celebration registry to hand to you. You can log on to your account at anytime and go to "Your Registry" and select "Gifts Received/Read Guest Cards" to view your gift details, givers and the gift announcements. Guests can also post their gift announcement on your celebration registry under the "Well Wishes" section if they choose.
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When will I receive my gifts from my celebration registry?

Receiving all the wonderful gifts your friends and family purchase for you is simple. Your gift funds will be sent DIRECT TO YOU via bank to bank transfer or you may choose to receive a check in the mail. Choose to have gift funds:
  • Sent straight to your US bank account with our free unlimited ACH bank to bank direct deposit. This is the most efficient and secure method.


  • Have a check mailed to you via regular US postal service ( We cannot responsible for lost mail - a great reason to \"Go Green\" and use the bank to bank transfer service.)
Gifts may be collected at any time, as many times as you'd like. Should you get busy and forget to request them, no worries, gift funds will automatically be sent the week before your honeymoon. Any gifts purchased while you are traveling or later, will be sent by your chosen method once you are back home. When you are logged in simply go to Manage My Money to make your selection.
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Will you send the gift money from my celebration registry to my travel agent or a travel supplier?

All gift money received through Celebration registry will be sent direct to you at your contact address or electronically, not to your travel professional or supplier. Remember, you can email us at anytime to collect funds or go to "Your Account" and select "Manage Your Money" after you log in. This celebration registry does have certain travel partners that are set up so that all gift monies can go directly to your hotel or resort. Email or call us if you would like to see if your hotel or resort is part of this program!
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Do you book the activities on my celebration registry for me?

You have the freedom to choose whatever supplier for any gift you receive as we are not booking the item for you just because it is listed on your gift registry. We always suggest asking your travel professional to help you with reservations for your trip or destination celebration. If your supplier requires you to book in a certain manner, you will find those terms under "Note to Registrant" or "Important Details on Your Registry Account" as you build your registry as well as receiving an email notification once the item is purchased for you with booking instructions.
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When will my celebration registry be active? When will my celebration registry close?

Guests can view and give you a gift starting the first day you set up your celebration registry. Your celebration registry will remain active until you would like to delete it. To delete your celebration registry, just log in and go to "Your Account" and select "Delete Your Registry"
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What if we don't know where we are going but want to use the celebration registry?

If you have not booked your trip or celebration destination yet and are not sure where you are going we suggest setting up as "Undecided" or "It's a Surprise!" You can always change this to the specific location for your trip later. You can still list your wishes in a general way while you are planning.
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Can I use this celebration gift registry if I am not from the US?

Yes, absolutely! Please note that all amounts will remain listed in US$.
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Can I use this site for my Honeymoon, Vow Renewal or Anniversary?

Yes! We have many registrants use this site for their Honeymoon, Vow Renewal or Anniversary. You can also visit and
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Can I set this up for a celebration registrant as a surprise?

Yes, you can set this up for someone else as a surprise. However, it is very important to notify our office of all the details. Please email specific details of your situation along with your contact information to
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What happens if we decided to change the location of our trip or celebration destination?

No problem, if you have already selected a place for your trip and have to change the location, just log in to your account manager and go to "Your Account" and click on "Update Your Information".
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Can I change/add items to my registry list after I've posted it?

Yes, anytime. You just log in to your account manager and go to "Your Registry" and click on "Build / Add to Registry" to add more items or "Edit / Delete Registry Items" to change or delete them. Items that are already purchased will remain the same.
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What happens if my celebration or trip is cancelled or postponed?

If your celebration or trip is postponed, just log into your account and revise your celebration date. If your celebration is cancelled, we will be more than happy to reverse the charges from each of your guests' purchases at no cost to you. However, if the cash payments for your gifts have already been wired to your bank account or sent to your travel supplier, it is up to you to return any gifts to your friends and family.
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Do you sell my information and my guest's information?

Absolutely not! All information is kept confidential. We do not store any credit card information, in fact - our own staff can't see it. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
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Who manages this celebration registry site? Are you a secure company?

This celebration registry is powered by Honeymoonwishes which provides all support and software for this celebration registry. Honeymoonwishes has served over 120,000 wedding couples since 2003. Honeymoonwishes is also very proud to be the Honeymoon Registry chosen by world-renowned travel and leisure companies to provide their gift registry software. Honeymoonwishes has been selected as the Honeymoon Registry for over 108,000 travel agents in the United States and Canada. We are tested every day for security by Go Daddy, are members of the San Diego Better Business Bureau and are a California Corporation. We are happy to speak with you if you have any questions.
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How do I make changes?

To see how to make changes/work on your registry click here.
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